2018 Democratic Candidates

In 2017, we saw voters show strong enthusasm for Democratic candidates up and down in the ballot in New Jersey, Virginia, Alabama and across Ohio and Butler County.  In 2018, we'll be mobilizing to re-elect Sherrod Brown to the U.S Senate and offering change in Washington and Columbus with Democratic nominees for Congress, Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer and State Auditor.  Locally, we'll have candidates for State Senate (7th District), the Ohio House of Representatives, and County Commissioner,

Learn about the candidates' biography, their stances on the issues, and who have endorsed them from the links below. 

Democratic Nominees for the November 6th, 2018 General Election

For the U.S. Senate

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (BCDP Endorsed)


For Congress (8th District)

Vanessa Enoch


For Governor

Rich Cordray / Betty Sutton


For Attorney General​​

Steve Dettlebach (BCDP Endorsed)

From the opioid crisis to terrorism, and from corporate fraud to public corruption, Ohio’s next Attorney General will confront very real threats. Steve Dettelbach worked side-by-side with law enforcement to fight these threats–and others–as a career prosecutor and U.S. Attorney.

As Attorney General, he will fight to keep our communities safe and hold the powerful accountable. You can learn more about Steve Dettlebach, his record, and his endorsements from his campaign website.

For Secretary of State

Kathleen Clyde (BCDP Endorsed)

Kathleen has been a dedicated defender for and protecting voters and voting rights. She wants to take her life’s work to the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office to secure and modernize Ohio elections so every Ohioan’s vote counts.

Kathleen fought to restore the busiest days of early voting and extend early voting days and hours. She introduced legislation for automatic voting registration that will ensure Ohioans are added to the rolls when they do everyday things like get a driver’s license, seek disability services, or simply turn eighteen.

Because no matter who you are or where you live, Kathleen will put the people of Ohio first.

You can learn more about Katlheen Clyde from her campaign website.

For State Auditor

Zack Space (BCDP Endorsed)

Zack Space was born and raised in the small eastern Ohio town of Dover. Upon graduating from law school at The Ohio State University, he returned to Dover where he spent nearly 20 years managing a consumer-oriented law practice, and served as a Public Defender and as Dover’s City Law Director. In 2006, he was elected to Congress from Ohio’s 18th District, comprising much of rural eastern and southern Ohio. During his tenure in Congress, Zack championed underserved Ohioans and was instrumental in bringing broadband technology, employment opportunities, and infrastructure improvements to his constituents.

Zack is running to serve as Ohio’s next Auditor of State, where he will use the broad power of the office to deliver much needed reform to state government. Zack is committed to promoting best practices and transparency by focusing on the following: reducing the influence that campaign contributions have on policy, taking politics out of the redistricting process, and serving as a watchdog for hard-working Ohioans and their families. 

You can learn more about Zack Space from his campaign website.

For State Treasurer

Rob Richardson, Jr. (BCDP Endorsed)

In 2008, Rob Richardson was asked by Ohio Governor Ted Strickland to serve on the Board of Trustees at the University of Cincinnati, his alma mater. A former engineering and law student, Rob had made a mark at the university when he founded the first collegiate chapter of the NAACP in Southwest Ohio.

Over the next nine years Rob helped UC grow to the second largest university in Ohio, where he eventually became Chair of the Board. Along the way he established the UC Scholars Academy for students in the Cincinnati Public School District, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for student scholarships, led the search for president Dr. Neville Pinto, and founded the 1819 Innovation Hub where students, faculty, and staff collaborate with entrepreneurs, startups, and others in the private sector.

Rob led the university in a fiscally responsible way while also making strategic investments that led to unprecedented growth. The university maintained cash reserves of over $200 million as it grew throughout Rob’s tenure. In 2013 it was ranked as the top educational investment in the nation by PolicyMic.

You can learn more about Rob Richardson, Jr. and his plans for the State Treasurer's Office at his official campaign website.

Ohio Senate

Sara Bitter - 7th Ohio Senate District (BCDP Endorsed)

The 7th Ohio Senate District covers Warren County and the same party of Middletown that is in the 54th Ohio House District.  Sara received her law degree from Case Western Reserve University and urrently works as an Outreach Associate for the University of Cincinnati University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UC UCEDD) at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. In that role, she is working on statewide programs in Ohio in the areas of employment, community integration and peer support for children and adults living with developmental disabilities and their families. Previously, Sara was the National Field Director for the ReelAbilities Film Festival, a film festival which promotes awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and art of people who experience disabilities. In this role, she oversaw more than a dozen cities hosting the event throughout North America. Sara also co-chaired the 2014 Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival and chaired the Education Outreach Chair, where she created programs for schools, including writing and producing the short film “Ethan the Brave” that she presented to thousands of students to teach about the importance of inclusion for students with disabilities.

Sara has served on many boards and advisory committees over the years, including the Greater Cincinnati Adapted Sports Club (GCASC), The University of Cincinnati, Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, Community Advisory Committee (CAC), the Family Advisory Council for the Cincinnati Fragile X Research and Treatment Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Disability Rights Ohio (DRO), Ohio’s federally mandated Protection and Advocacy System for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness.  You can follow Sara's campaign on Facebook as well on her official campaign website.

Ohio House of Representatives

Susan Vaughn- 51st Ohio House District (BCDP Endorsed)

Susan Vaughn is running against incumbent Republican Wes Retherford for the 51st Ohio House District.  According to the Journal News, Vaughn is running because “ethics” has been the “first and foremost” issue people want to see improved.  

​“Things I’ve seen happening worldwide have motivated me to want to do something, to bring us back to more values-based decision-making,” said Vaughn, Miami University’s director of the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution. “I think it impacts young people, and I think it has tremendous impact when we make decisions that are values-based.”

You can follow Susan Vaughn's campaign on Facebook.

Kathy Wyendandt- 52nd Ohio House District (BCDP Endorsed)

Kathy Wyendandt is running against recently appointed Republican George Lang for the 52nd Ohio House District.   As our county party chair, Jocelyn Bucaro, told the Journal News: “Kathy has played a key role in ensuring our community has one of best school districts in the state,” Bucaro said of t he Lakota School District, the largest suburban district in Ohio. “Her voice in Columbus will bring the kind of change we need to focus on attracting good jobs and creating safe communities and the best schools for our children.”

You can follow Kathy Wyendandt's campaign on Facebook as well as her campaign website.


Rebecca Howard- 53rd Ohio House District (BCDP Endorsed)

Rebecca Howard is running against freshman Republican Candice Keller for the 53rd Ohio House District.  Howard founded the Oxford Early Childhood Center in 1986. An     instructor at Miami University fo'r the past 18 years, Howard is also the current President of the Oxford Literacy Team, which provides literacy outreach and a summer reading program to huasndreds of children in the Talawanda School District.  As Howard explained herself as to why she's running: "I know what it is like to live from paycheck to paycheck, and to make hard decisions about which bills to pay each month, or how to save a few cents on groceries. I have experienced the fear of having a health crisis with no health insurance. I have seen the pain and sadness in the eyes of a child whose parent is struggling with addiction, and knowing that the only thing I could do to help was to hold that child a little closer and let them know that they are still loved. I have paid off student loans, and I have watched as friends who are public school teachers fought to maintain quality classroom practices while their budgets were cut and unfair testing regimes consumed their time and energy."

You can follow Rebecca Howard's campaign on Facebook as well as her campaign website.

For County Commissioner

Dora Bronston (BCDP Endorsed)

Former Middletown Vice-Mayor Dora Bronston is running as a Democratic candidate for County Commissioner.  Dr. Bronston is also an officer of the Middletown Chapter of the NAACP and active in her church.  You can follow Dr. Bronston's campaign on her campaign's Facebook page.

About Butler County Democratic Party Endorsements

On March 15th, the Butler County Democratic Party's Executive Committee endorsed a number of statewide and local candidates running for the Democratic nomination but refrained from endorsing in any contested primary contests, leaving it to the Democratic primary voters to decide for themselves who the party's nominee should be for the Governor's race and the 8th Congressional District race, as primaries are intended.