(Again) Bipartisanship is Only Path Forward on Health Care

TrumpCare Repeatedly Rejected by the American People and Congressional Republicans

(HAMILTON)- While most Ohioans were in bed, the U.S. Senate rejected the third secretly drafted TrumpCare with bipartisan opposition in an after midnight vote on legislation that Senators had a two hours to read and review before voting.

Jocelyn Bucaro, Chair of the Butler County Democratic Party Executive Committee, says it’s time for bipartisan Congressional action to improve the Affordable Care Act with Congressional hearings and the regular process to pass legislation.

“Americans were overwhelmingly opposed to TrumpCare, and so, apparently, are a significant number of Congressional and Senate Republicans. Trump’s goal of railroading a party-line vote through Congress with no public input and little notice and no regard for how many Butler County families it would hurt lost.  The only path forward is to for ALL Members of Congress to work to improve the ACA so that health care is more accessible and affordable to everyone.”

Since the election, thousands of Americans have marched, rallied, written letters to and called their Representatives demanding that they vote against repealing Obamacare. There have been demonstrations and protests across Butler County by Americans deeply opposed to replacing Obamacare and worried about being losing their insurance.

“Seven years ago, we signed into law legislation that prevented our friends and neighbors from being one medical emergency away from bankruptcy.  Legislation that gave us our most effective tool in dealing with a still growing heroin epidemic. This is a victory for our families that wouldn’t be possible without the work of dedicated activists in the party, in groups like Indivisible and Our Revolution, and countless others,” said Kathy Wyenandt, Butler County Democratic Central Committee Chair.  “Working families have a fundamental right to access to affordable and quality medical care.”