BCDP Chair Reaction to Middletown City Council Candidate Withdrawing

Decision Announced Week After Public Call to Drop Out

(HAMILTON) – A little over one week after the Butler County Democratic Party Chair called on John Hart to drop out of the race for Middletown City Council, the Journal News reports that candidate John Hart has announced to the Journal News and on his campaign Facebook page he is dropping out of the race. 

“I am sure it was a hard choice for Mr. Hart to make, especially after campaigning so hard, but I want to commend him for making the right decision for the voters of Middletown.  I have read his campaign Facebook post and understand his concerns. His withdrawal will avoid unnecessary voter confusion when they vote next week and the potential of costly litigation over the result. I believe Mr. Hart and I agree it would be unfortunate for the result of this election to be decided by a judge or City Council, and not the voters of Middletown.  His decision will now prevent that from happening,” said Brian Hester, Butler County Democratic Party Executive Committee Chair.