Frank Cloud Re-Nominated To Board of Elections

HAMILTON – At tonight’s meeting of the Butler County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee Frank Cloud was re-nominated by unanimous acclaimation to another four-year term to the Butler County Board of Elections.  The nomination will go to Secretary of State Jon Husted who will formally appoint someone for the new term for the seat, which begins on March 1st. 

“Frank has been a strong advocate to make sure that Butler County leads the State of Ohio in innovation in making voting as convenient and secure as possible,” said Butler County Democratic Party Chair Jocelyn Bucaro, who also serves as the Deputy Director at the Butler County Board of Elections.  Two weeks ago, Secretary of State Jon Husted awarded the Board of Elections with a Bright I.D.E.A. (Innovative Developments in Election Administration) award for the county’s innovation in improving processing of in-person early voting during the November 2016 General Election, the second such award for the county of board of election as board chairman.

“I’m honored to be able to continue to serve on the Board of Elections and look forward to continuing our bipartisan record of ensuring of improving the ease and security of every vote in every election,” said Cloud.

“It’s been an honor to serve with Frank, and I’m glad to see voters will continue to benefit from his leadership,” said Kathy Wyenandt, the other Democratic member of the Butler County of Elections.

Frank Cloud was originally appointed to the Butler County Board of Elections in February 2010.  A lifelong Democrat, Cloud has served as the chair of the Butler County Democratic Party and currently serves as a member of the Democratic Party's leadership board.  He also is a leader in the labor community, serving as the Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 648 for the past seven years.

Cloud was named Chairman of the Board of Election in March 2012, a position he still holds.  Since joining the Board as a Member, Cloud has been integral to the Board's successful implementation of new technologies and processes to streamline the elections process and reduce costs.

Cloud is a lifelong resident of Butler County, currently living in Fairfield.